It’s Elf time 🧝‍♂️

I am an elf, and I have started an oil painting of a dog 🐶


You know those beautiful moments you have when your whole body gets goose bumps and for a short time you’re immersed in joy…

Just an hour ago I was on the way back from Canvey Island on the bus on a very familiar and scenic route home. I spent so much of my childhood on Canvey for the beach, or the old fair, boy Scouts (which is called Beavers when you’re young), the Yacht club and my dads boat. The new buses have giant windows, it’s like a fish-bowl on wheels. In the distance I could see Essex country park stretching along the Thames Estuary (which is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Estuaries in the world, John Constable use to paint it), in the foreground there were the masts of boats, flowers and loads of birds on the RSPB grounds. BOOM the goose bumps hit me like a warm wave of water, I was in an oragasm of nostalgia. For the first time since leaving for university in the year 2000 I KNEW I was home. I pictured my feet in the soft grassy ground and I was so happy, I think this is what you call Grace.

I am home, and though I know I will be off travelling around the world one day this WILL ALWAYS be my home, with my family and my friends and I will always return here because it is where my heart is.

* A note to self –

I just this second finished a short run, whilst running I was able to define one of my biggest issues (this is why I love running!) and here it is:

When I feel bad, I feel really bad, completely useless and a waste of space. When I feel good, I feel really good, can do anything and nothing will stop me.  Both of these extremes have exactly the same result and blind me from my TRUE potential.

However I am feeling this time I will remind myself to stay grounded and appreciate and work with what I have. In short DON’T BE LAZY!

Need water!

Meet Formaggio

I’ve just been laying on the floor with our lil cherub dog Louie (Louie is the most adorable french bulldog with a playful mischievous nature so we get on very well). I struggled to get up (my back is not quite healed but nearly!) and whilst rolling around on the carpet I ranted at my mum about how I was being magnetized to the Earths core and recently I can feel it pulling on me constantly. Whenever something causes me joyful irritation I say “I’m gonna write a letter”, who to i’m not always sure? So i’m rolling about on the floor saying “i’m gonna write a letter because gravity is getting stronger, or i’m getting physically weaker – either way i’m writing a letter”. Louie just sat in his bed watching, whilst sucking the nose of his bunny rabbit teddy called Madge. The nose of Madge has turned into his pacifier, he loves it and sucks away with much delight. We have to chuck it in the washing machine pretty often because it gets a bit dirty. I renamed Madge ‘Formaggio’ because it gets a bit cheesy.

Here she is -As you ca20160123_220352278_iOS.jpgn see she looks pretty horrified and her face is a bit soggy. She’s gonna write a letter!
Have a good weekend 🙂



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