Today I made a mud person to keep me company whilst I worked on the allotment. His name is Mud.

The unknown

When nature shows me a physical doorway into darkness I do not need to think twice about whether or not to enter. My heart pounds, my face resembles the Cheshire cat and before I know it i’m lost in darkness, climbing over rocks and soaking up the sensations, smells, sounds and vibrations. The darkness absorbs me as I stand in the same place an ancient ancestor may of stood. All time is lost, all past and future is erased, I have no age but feel like a child with no fear. For that moment I belong right there, when the world began and when the universe ends, holding hands with my ancient ancestor listening to the incomprehensible silence. Tiny hairs stand on end, the cool air caresses my skin, I can taste the Earth in my mouth, moisture droplets run alive around me. “I cannot stay, I must return”. I turn around, and there in the distance is daylight, daylight I left millenia ago, the closer I get to the light the faster the connection fades, I notice the ticking of my watch, which I did not hear in the echo of the cave. Before I know it i’m back, back into the organised chaos and our obsession with time. Stood out in the day, with all the endless noises and people, I suddenly feel so grateful, because without the light of day I could never truly appreciate that cave for what it really is.