A plea for help… Can you help me find my missing sketch book!?!

REWARD – one of my original artworks (a proper one).

Back in 2008 when I lived in Camden Town and run my business KillerStrawberry, I embarked on an ambitious illustrative project called KillerStrawberry Hell. This was going to be a large puzzle of separate illustrations that all joined together to form one mighty artwork. The first sketch book (KillerStrawberry Hell, level 1) was quite simplistic in style but this would progress, change and be full of revelations in later levels. It was also published by Dom Lyne and was going to be the beginning of a graphic novel series at the same time.

On the way home from the market one day we were mugged (2009 I think) and this sketch book was taken from me. My sketch book also contained other works, it was over 2 years of hard work, joy, dedication and memories. It was also the most important part of my illustrative project… it was the beginning. This violent mugging and violation of my life literally knocked me off my path, robbed me of joy and changed my life in ways I did not think possible. 13 years later I still wonder if it could be out there… does it still exist?

Last night I dreamt I was reunited with it, and alas my work could continue. Something has been nagging me all day to do this post and see if dreams really do come true 🤮🤷‍♂️😂

Below are some of the illustrations contained inside the sketch book. If you have ever seen it, or know of it, or maybe seen someone else claiming the rights to it please let me know! Maybe you even own it yourself, please get in touch as it’s time for it to be returned to its owner (me). The project needs quantifiable reactivity!

E-Mail me – alanburdettillustration@hotmail.co.uk

And please feel free to share this post, and pictures on any social media platform.

Some pictures from the sketch book are below. Thank you for your help!

Alan Burdett

It is worth mentioning that these drawings are nothing to do with 9/11, politics or war. Though there are similarities, that was NEVER its purpose! It was a story , just like any other story in a book or on the screen. Thank you

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