Why Flat Eric?

Somebody asked me why I used Flat Eric in my paintings. My response was; why not? Why did Warhol use Brillo pads, Coca-Cola and Campbell soup? It’s Pop!

Once my slight “defensiveness” had past I thought about it by myself. I purchased an original Levi’s branded Flat Eric (A limited edition one I have ya know 😜) back In 1999 as a collectable. It turned out that this collectable has brought so much joy and laughter to me, and others, in my life. He has danced at house parties, raved at Pride events, kissed numerous lovely people and been squeezed during plenty of crisis. There is something about him, when someone is sad he can cheer them up by just sitting there and looking at them. He may be a yellow stuffed toy but he is my yellow stuffed toy, and this is a portrait of that very one.

So I’m sorry for my initial response, but I suppose it was easier to deliver (and less embarrassing) than explaining all that 😂

…So long, and thank you Levis for all the Erics.

Oh and I kept his box 👍

Sorry Eric, but yes in your name! 😂

Series 2: ‘the missing paintings’

‘Bright town’ acrylic and powdered pigment on canvas, 2012 – 2022.

I started this painting in a Brighton studio when I lived there, back in 2012. It was only half finished and it has had its back to me for the past 1o years. The last few days I have finished it. It was a “self-portrait” of the times, but not such a relevant portrayal of myself today. I may just take my own advice 🙂

There are 2 missing Altarpiece paintings from series 2, if you own one of them PLEASE could you E-mail me a good quality photograph of it, THANK YOU! (It will benefit the paintings to be catalogued. I’m not asking for them back).

Mixed media on an “Altarpiece” frame and ply canvas, H133 x W66cm.

Please Email me with any questions or enquiries. Thanks, Al

Series 3: ‘The Crux’

‘Nothing and Everything’, mixed media on “Altarpiece” shaped canvas, 2020-2022

“These are not just paintings, they are a testament, they are not black and they are not white, they’re together as one, and should never be parted”. Unknown 2022


Each canvas measures H133 x W66cm. They are one artwork and were created together over the space of 2 years. There are hidden depths in the reflective paint, which unfortunately is very hard to capture on camera.

Please E-mail me with any questions or enquiries.
Thank you


© alanburdettillustration2022

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