FAO. ‘The Flatties’

‘The Flatties’ ink and pencil on poo paper, December 2020, ©alanburdettillustration

So most of us by now have heard the theory that the Universe is nothing but a ‘hologram’ (good work Brian Cox).

It was put to me recently that the world is flat, because it is, in-fact, a “giant”hologram (they gave up on the flat, floating island idea because I introduced them to a pebble) DOH! May I remind you that light is radial, so even if this were to be the case, the World is, in theory, (and at source) still round! 😂 Lets’ not loose our heads over it!

Oh and Brian Cox, I love you but I think some of your ideas could do with a lil attention, especially those concerning orbits (says me!)…

Who IS sssshhhhheeeee! 😂🤭🕺

love from

Al, OW, Owl.

Author: alanburdettillustration

Artist 🧑‍🎨

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