Half-way (ish)

I have finally brought these in from the garage to start the detailed paint work and gold leaf. Flat Eric is like 🤷‍♂️😂

14/05/21 mixed media abstracts

The Shadow people

There are lots little shadow people who live in the trees

They smile and they laugh, but they’re not there to please

They point and they mock, their aim is to tease

But do not be scared of the rustling leaves

For we all cast shadows and places to chill

Without any shadows we would all be ill

so next time you see them give them a wave

and tell them quite softly “I’ll try to behave”.

This doodle is a clue to one of my all time favourite movies 😃

KillerStrawberry Hell… Looking back.

I started a project 12 years ago (when I was in my 20’s *) called ‘killerstrawberry hell’. They were a series of drawings that all joined together, and the idea was at the end of one level of drawings I then ventured up to the next level, which would then go along the top of the previous series of drawings, and so on (are you still following me?). 😂

All the drawings were connected and would have eventually formed one giant artwork, existing of 5 levels.

I finished level 1.

Level 2 was only 2 pages from completion and remains unfinished in a dusty sketch book.

When I started my business (KillerStrawberry) in 2006 my goal was to create a unique and colourful, ethical fashion brand. The 1st few years were just that, however due to some very thoughtless and rash decisions, things took a turn.

I was quite a confused young man to say the least, and very rarely connected to life (as life actually was) and mainly focused on my dream, my vision and of course partying! I lived quite a sheltered life and a very comfortable one. As an old friend once put it “Alan you live everyday with your head in the clouds”, my response – “ I like clouds”.

I suffered a few “unfortunate events” whilst living in London and I became very unwell. I did not know how to process or deal with the real anger and pain I was left with. I had no tools and no knowledge on what to do. This utter confusion came out in my art and the ‘Hell series’ changed shape.

I have recently revisited these old artworks, and though I can see and understand why they took a certain “course” I never realised the danger in my works. Much like my behaviour at the time, my words became reckless, detached and bitter. I am now aware that some of my metaphorical ramblings may have been quite harmful and hurtful. I never meant for things to get messy, and it was never my intention to hurt anybody…. however it was too late.

It came to be that I never finished drawing the further levels, but I did instead live them.

Today on 15th Dec 2020 I am currently working on 2 abstract paintings; my crucifixion piece (apparently every artist is allowed to do this once!) 😂. These are a symbolic depiction, and an ending to my “literal” KillerStrawberry Hell, and a milestone to a new chapter.

I am seeing colour again, I am seeing life as life is, and this time around I have wisdom, knowledge and passion. I am not trying to achieve a life goal, I am just creating art works. That’s who I am and what I do.

I lay little Strawberry down for a much needed rest now. He guided me well, strong and true.

Much love to you little Strawberry, I’m forever in your debt!

*I am now 39 years old! How the hell did that happen 😂

Me at London Edge 2009, holding up a picture of Camden I was working on at the time.