Excuse me pleeeease !

‘Excuse me pleeeese’, magic pen on magic pad, Mon 20th Dec 2021. ©alanburdettillustration

KillerStrawberry discovery 😱

So I’ve pulled out all my old sketch books and found this artwork. It was the very last artwork I created as KillerStrawberry. For anyone who remembers my ‘Tragic life of veg’ series, this was never completed!

‘Cucumber’, ink on paper 2011!!! ©KillerStrawberry 😂🤷‍♂️


FAO. ‘The Flatties’

‘The Flatties’ ink and pencil on poo paper, December 2020, ©alanburdettillustration

So most of us by now have heard the theory that the Universe is nothing but a ‘hologram’ (good work Brian Cox).

It was put to me recently that the world is flat, because it is, in-fact, a “giant”hologram (they gave up on the flat, floating island idea because I introduced them to a pebble) DOH! May I remind you that light is radial, so even if this were to be the case, the World is, in theory, (and at source) still round! 😂 Lets’ not loose our heads over it!

Oh and Brian Cox, I love you but I think some of your ideas could do with a lil attention, especially those concerning orbits (says me!)…

Who IS sssshhhhheeeee! 😂🤭🕺

love from

Al, OW, Owl.

The Shadow people

There are lots little shadow people who live in the trees

They smile and they laugh, but they’re not there to please

They point and they mock, their aim is to tease

But do not be scared of the rustling leaves

For we all cast shadows and places to chill

Without any shadows we would all be ill

so next time you see them give them a wave

and tell them quite softly “I’ll try to behave”.

This doodle is a clue to one of my all time favourite movies 😃
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